balancing you on all levels

Whilst aromatherapy is currently my main focus, I find using aspects of previous training I have had very useful at times.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a therapy that works on the energy meridians( energy lines that run through the body) that is focused on clearing trapped emotions, and even physical symptoms that is simple to use, effective  and simple to show you how to use so that you can help yourself.


For people choosing a spiritual path especially, it can be advantageous to have a facilitator when clearing outdated beliefs as it is easy to forget or be unaware of other perspectives that may lead to a significant shift in consciousness until one is reminded. I can offer pointers and reminders to speed up your journey towards self-awareness and ‘Self  (by which I mean the greater or core self) awareness  as my own journey has been focused on finding the real self and ‘peeling off the onion skins’ that hide it, for many years.

These sessions cost the same as aromatherapy and can be used a stand alone treatment or alternated with the aromatherapy massage.


I have often been told that there is a healing atmosphere in my sessions and that , but I don’t use any special healing training these days,  though I have been trained in three different sorts of hands on healing.  I simply acknowledge, each time I have a client, that the treatment is to be for the highest good of the person. If you receive healing energy it is because you chose it – I may simply be the instrument through which it chooses to come.  For me, I enjoy the simplicity of massage, trusting that  healing  comes naturally through caring touch.