Prices vary depending where I am working.

At Horam Health Centre  I charge £50 for 1 hour and £65 for an hour and a half.  The generally preferred time length for an aromatherapy massage is 90 minutes.

Block discounts can be arranged.

My home and mobile treatments are for women-only or for men who come through recommendation by a woman or for those who I have got to know at the clinic first.

I charge £45 per hour for these and £60 for 90 minutes.

Full body massage (without  essential oils) is £45 per hour at the clinic.  And £40 at my home.

Block discounts available.

Mobile treeatments cost £50 per hour and £65 for an hour and a half. I am willing to travel within a 5 mile radius of Horam without making any extra charge but outside of that radius I do cover my costs.

Organic oils  cost a little more. The price varies depending on which oils are used.  An  average additional cost per treatment would be  £2-£3.

Holistic EFT ‘tapping’ sessions are generally blocks of 3 or 6 treatments.  I charge £120 for 3 or £200 for 6.