What Clients Are Saying

  • GC

    I have been a client of Anna's during the past year and visiting her is so much more than just for a massage. When I leave I feel that a part of me has been reset, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Anna always takes a comprehensive consultation, checking out physical and emotional distress and then selecting oils especially for you. Most recently, when I pulled a muscle in my back, Anna used Emotional Freedom Technique on me, I couldn't believe how effective it was! Also, if you are spiritually awake, Anna has a wealth of wisdom she is more than happy to share. Visiting Anna is an enlightening experience and once you've visited, you'll be counting down the days until you treat yourself again.

  • JW

    Lovely relaxing and healing atmosphere. Improvement in my physical well-being - have noticed healing and relief of muscle pain

  • RW

    Fantastic! I really loved it and felt so relaxed! I thought the whole experience was excellent!

  • PD

    Highly professional. Based on many previous massages, this treatment and was perfect and the oils chosen were just right for me!

  • DMS

    Despite my initial reservations I couldn't fault the treatment in any way. I rate my experience as "Excellent" and my shoulder and neck pain was much relieved afterwards which surprised me. Slept well after the massage and had intense dreams which Anna had said might happen. I never normally remember any dreams.

  • NK

    I would not have improved anything. Anna is very professional and reassuring and was attentive when choosing the oils for me, which she talked through with me so I could understand their properties and why they would help me. During the treatment her touch was calming and comforting. Perfect!

  • KC

    The whole massage, from beginning to end, flowed seamlessly. I felt I was able to relax fully and trust Anna. The level of pressure of touch was a perfect balance of gentle yet firm. I say this as a qualified masseur of several different disciplines and with 20 years of experience.

  • TH

    I value the instinct and intuition shown as more important than the tissue manipulation. I found the treatment relaxing. As well as that I found it connected me to deep underlying issues which was most interesting.

  • LK

    Overall a 10/10!

  • CJ

    All good! Would recommend Anna to friends and family."

  • HS